Though, we render services in the above-mentioned practice areas i.e. Taxation & Assurance Services, real benefit of our expertise in above expertise is felt when this knowledge is combined with other practice areas like FEMA to give tailor made solutions to our clients.


We centre our approach upon understanding client requirements at KSA. Detailed comprehension of client requirements and objectives provide us with pointers and flags that we can follow to apply our expertise, knowledge and experience to resolve issues and offer solutions to challenges faced throughout the acquisition life cycle. Whether it is a mid-sized company, an entrepreneurship or a listed company, we apply a systematic approach to prevent pitfalls and errors. Our emphasis is upon maximizing value for our clients through an objective evaluation of opportunities presented by buyers or vendors. At KSA, we utilize our experience to calculate accurate valuations providing greatest advantage to our clients and bring about a successful transaction.

IPO Advisory

At KSA, we understand that the decision to go public can be a very critical one for your business therefore our services are directed towards providing support to your business. At KSA, we begin with establishing the groundwork that is needed before your IPO can go live. This includes several processes such as determining the viability of an IPO for the development of the business, assessing whether the company is ready to commence operations as a public company, evaluating the company’s system of internal controls, checking if the financial information is sufficient to meet the rigorous registration requirements and thereafter the compliance requirements as required from a listed company.

Real Estate Restructuring

At KSA, we provide comprehensive advisory services in the real estate domain. We maintain a professional outlook towards our commitment to maximize recovery for our clients by identifying appropriate and effective strategies that may be implemented to bring about effective restructuring.
Key domains dealt with:

  • State Laws
  • Land Consolidations
  • Detailed Project report
  • SPV Planning
  • Agreements


The Indian economy has been in a state of dynamic activity since the liberalization, inviting an influx of foreign investment, attracted by the potential afforded by the Indian market and industry. We offer services to our clients on various issues that relate to FEMA, consulting them on the various implications of different provisions, its requirements of foreign investors and companies and corresponding compliance, privileges afforded to non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin and obligations they have to undertake under the FEMA.Besides, offering advice, we also undertake taking approvals from various government agencies i.e. RBI, SIA, FIPB, etc.

Offshore Companies

The successful structuring of an offshore company is dependent on various factors and issues like anti-avoidance provisions, transfer pricing, participation exemption, capital gains tax and a multitude of fluid tax regulations. At KSA we offer solutions to our clients in relation to formulating plans for offshore business, family wealth management and tax planning.

Financial Syndication

We offer financial syndication services as part of our services bouquet, providing value-oriented advisory directed towards maximizing value for our clients and helping them to achieve organizational goals through better utilization of resources.
We offer services to raise funds through variety of financial instruments, which are suited to the needs of the Business.

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