Statutory & Tax Audits

The attributes of statutory audits require an assurance of the actuality; lack of prejudice regarding any information; and addressing the regulatory reporting requirements of the statute. KSA undertakesstatutory audits, linked to the annual or periodical filing of their financial statements, adding value by upholding compliance with regulations, providing consulting services to resolve system shortcomings and vulnerabilities and conducting reviews of externally reported financial information.

Internal audits

Internal auditing holds a crucial position within the organization’s procedural hierarchy. The brand of solutions derived through the internal audit sets the tone for potential procedural changes imperative for an organization. At KSA, we employ our expertise to highlight organizational challenges and create customized solutions for the same, thereby giving your business more impetus and building a stairway towards increasing revenues by analyzing and validating internal controls leading to efficient reformulation of internal work processes, thereby releasing the quality management time to focus more on key business issues and also prepares an organization for scalability. As part of the engagement, we also interface with the Statutory auditors to get the balance sheet finalized and also report to the Audit Committees.


Accounting provisions and regulations in the United States are complex and difficult to comprehend and implement. In order to effectively maintain US GAAP as your reporting structure, you need an accounting firm that has the requisite expertise and knowledge to effect corporate or personal tax planning and compliance. KSA offers you services sourced from valuable experience to apply practical and effective solutions to your organization’s needs by providing advice in identifying and incorporating the information required to comply with US GAAP.


A sizeable number of UK – based and EU-based companies began to action the switch to the IFRS System from 2005. As the 2013-14 deadline for the switch approaches, the necessity to comply with the new global standard is manifest. KSA offers assistance in actualizing the switch from the former financial reporting standards by calculating key performance indicators, remuneration schemes calculated using the new financial format, assessing the tax implications of IFRS, the impact on performance measures and determining whether the existent controls are sufficient to deal with the new standard and providing solutions to effect a smooth transition to IFRS.

Indian GAAP

We strive to offer exemplary services powered by our experience and understanding of Indian GAAP to action greater efficiency in systems and business procedures in our clients’ businesses by ensuring the veracity and accuracy of controls and evaluation measures. The assurance of truthfulness in management of information and evaluation of implemented controls and regulation measures adopted by organizations is essential to our services.

Due diligence

We offer our Due Diligence services to organizations and individuals interested in investments, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions or in improving the efficiency of an existing business unit or sector. KSA’s Due Diligence services seek to enhance our clients’ business decisions by incorporating an unprejudiced perspective with a meticulous understanding of technologies, business strategy and keen analyses of potential investments. We undertake extensive studies of operational procedures, identify cost-saving techniques, and structure actionable, value-added plans for our clients to progress into organizational efficiency.

Account Outsourcing

Outsourcing the accounting functions of your organization to a dedicated, professional service provider can provide you with greater opportunities to concentrate upon your core business processes and grow as an organization. We provide services that cater specifically to our clients’ requirements. KSA professionals provide the expertise and essential value-added service to manage your accounting needs on an as-required basis or as a complete outsourcing solution.

HR & Payroll Outsourcing

Hr& Payroll function is a typical regular function, which if outsourced can result in substantial savings within the organization. At KSA, we have over the years have perfected the processes viz., collection of attendance, payroll processing, employee taxation, employee re-imbursements, social security obligations like PF, ESI, payment & distribution of salary, joining formalities of employees & full & final payments of employees, which otherwise requires substantial resources with the inherent risk of non compliance.

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