Taxation is key decision making factor in business, where wrong decisions have huge implications. At KSA, we believe in “Prevention is better than cure”. Right taxation advice can save Companies / Individuals from potential legal complications & demands from the Authorities. At KSA, we get associated with our clients at various stages, i.e. in structuring the products / services, tax planning& compliance. Following are the key focus areas in Taxation Services:

Direct tax

Keeping the dynamic taxation domain at home and abroad in consideration, tax planning and management is teeming with challenges, amplified by localization of world economy. At KSA, we offer Direct Tax advice w.r.t. Local tax laws, Transfer Pricing, DTAA, helping our clients to take informed decisions. Besides, advisory work in tax planning, structuring of various high value transactions, we also undertake representation before AAR, AO, CIT(A), & ITAT, DPO, TPO, etc. We, as part of our engagement with our clients, also assessing the impact of transition to DTC and advising our clients for smooth transition to the new tax regime.

Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes environment has become more complex in recent years. With advent of services tax, there is ambiguity and stands taken by both Assessees as well as Authorities which is continuously being challenged in Courts. At KSA, we study the business environment, help client structure their Product / Services in right & optimum manner and also the organization where optimum advantage as provided by the statute is obtained. We also help in assessments, refunds & and litigation.
We are fully geared to help our clients make smooth transition to GST.

International Tax

At KSA, we help both inbound as well as outbound investors to structure their business in accordance of the local & international laws, important being selecting the jurisdiction, advising on transfer pricing, taxation of expats, taxation of non residents having business interests in India, etc.

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